SWBMAI Member Bands

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SWBMAI supports Wisconsin and regional bluegrass bands through opportunities to open at SWBMAI concerts, to perform at the SWBMAI annual Jamboree, publicity in Fireball Mail and on the SWBMAI website. Plus, because promoters and venue managers look to SWBMAI as a resource on local bands, the organization often gets first notice of performance opportunities, which are shared exclusively with affiliated bands. Organizers looking to hire bluegrass bands recognize SWBMAI affiliation as a sign that the band is serious about its career and takes a professional interest in building the market for live bluegrass entertainment. To enhance support for bands, SWBMAI provides a Band Affiliation Program which extends opportunities for publicity and bookings. SWBMAI Affiliated Bands have their name and a link prominently displayed on the front page of the SWBMAI website. They are listed at the top of our Bands Page, which includes additional details about the band, and is consistently our 3rd most popular page (after the main page and calendar). Affiliated Bands also receive a free partial advertisement, which is randomly displayed on the home page of the site. This ad can be used to display an image/logo/etc, that links to their website. Stories about each affiliated band are collected on a special page, so that fans can quickly catch up on all the latest about their favorite band. In addition, SWBMAI Affiliated Bands also receive an email subscription to the Fireball Mail.


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SWBMAI Member Bands

151 Express Bluegrass Band William McWilliams 608-233-6190 Madison, WI
Art Stevenson & High Water Art Stevenson 715-884-6996 Babcock, WI
Bluegrass TeA & Company Terry Jacobs 608-772-8132 Middleton, WI
Down From The Hills Pat Downing 608-527-2472 Blanchardville, WI
Genesee Ridge Bluegrass Band Richard Schwartz 262-719-3549 Waukesha County, WI
Krause Family Band Rick Krause 608-212-2856 Madison, WI
Milkhouse Radio Brad Astor 240-401-0290 Madison, WI
Northern Comfort Tony Hozeny 608-215-7676 Madison, WI
The Soggy Prairie Boys Kodey Feiner 608-444-4583 Monona, WI
Timbre Junction Michael Regouski 612-623-0261 Minneapolis, MN


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